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The application under the name "Personal Capital" is the leading and only product of the American company of the same name. It was founded 13 years ago and had a small number of clients at that time. However, skillful leadership and the proper selection of team members worked wonders and turned Personal Capital into a severe player. The company has many offices in major US cities. She owns a high-quality website where you can easily find information about the management and key people. It is also not a personal contact detail by which anyone can contact the company. Full transparency maximizes users' trust who use the official application without fear.

Personal Capital can be safely attributed to the number of simple but informative applications. It is ideal for retirement planning. In addition, the product is complemented by many valuable tools that allow you to manage your money and budget for the future. Personal Capital is not for everyone. This is due to one introduced restriction, which makes the application inaccessible to specific categories of users. It lies in the high minimum value of the portfolio with which this product will work. This amount is $100,000, which makes Personal Capital the best choice for people with significant financial opportunities.

Even though the application suits mainly wealthy users, it is free to use. This circumstance surprises many and makes you once again admire Personal Capital. The only thing for which there is a fee is a premium account WM. Its owners are charged a commission, which varies between 0.49% -0.89% and depends on the current balance.

Key features

During the operation of Personal Capital, many users face particular difficulties. To prevent this, you should study each stage of this process in advance. This will make it possible to forget any errors and get the application ready for use as quickly as possible.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. First of all, go to the official website of the application.
  2. Click on the "Start Today" button on the main page. You can also do this work by clicking on "Get Started,» located at the top of the site menu.
  3. After that, enter the standard data and agree with everything you offer.
  4. Go through the verification procedure, which may take some time.
  5. In the next step, log in to your account. There you find the item "Synchronization.»
  6. Follow the prompts and add your financial accounts. The total amount on them must be more than 100 thousand dollars.
  7. To confirm them, order a phone call.
  8. The company's operator will contact you and ask you a few questions. He will also introduce you to a personal financial advisor to whom you can turn for help. After that, you can enjoy all the privileges of the application.

The Personal Capital review will have a place for the application's features. Such data will help form a general opinion and obtain the knowledge necessary for the entire operation of this product.

Important features:

Mobile version Personal Capital has developed an application for mobile devices for people who prefer an active life. It is free to install on almost any smartphone or iPhone and does not take up much memory space. This application version is not much different from the classic one, so it will be as convenient as possible to use.
Consultations Everyone who has passed the stages of registration and verification and withstood various checks has access to a personal consultant. You can contact him via e-mail or phone, which is not published anywhere and is called to the user at the stage of confirming the added accounts. There are no round-the-clock consultations, so you must plan a call to a Personal Capital representative.
Safety When the application has access to your accounts, you need to secure your budget as much as possible. To do this, users must register each device they want to use to work with the application, go through complex authorization each time and confirm most actions by clicking on e-mail links or answering phone calls (carried out to the number specified during registration). In addition, security is provided by a unique data encryption method, so the chance of unauthorized access to them is minimized.
Interface The application interface is quite simple and user-friendly. It contains several tabs dedicated to a particular aspect (Banking, Investing, Planning, Advice, Overview). All of them have information presented in English. In the right part of the application window is a financial control panel and information about the state of the user's accounts. All data is separated, so there will be no confusion.
Exchanges Supported
Customer Support

Advantages and disadvantages

It is as difficult as possible to evaluate this or that application until you can get acquainted with its pluses and minuses. In the case of Personal Capital, there are more positive qualities than negative ones. This feature forms its high status and makes the application in demand among all age categories.

Pros Cons
The openness of the company Suitable only for wealthy people
Informative web resource Sometimes, a fee is charged (a percentage of the total)
A large number of clients
Many additional tools
No fees for installation and use
Online customer service
Individual consultants

The massive popularity of Personal Capital has contributed to the fact that several million people have already used this application. If you want to be one of them, check out the Personal Capital app review again. The information received will teach you how to use the application correctly and allow you to get the maximum benefit from it.

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