Social trading from TechBerry

In 2015, traders first heard about TechBerry. However, the platform has become the most popular worldwide after a few years. Its work is closely related to the possibilities of artificial intelligence. With its help, trading algorithms are formed that allow you to avoid erroneous actions and increase the percentage of profit. On average, TechBerry customers earn 11.2% every month. This is a guaranteed income, while the final figure may change upwards.

A high-profit percentage can be obtained only if the trading process is automated. With this approach to work, most of the tasks are performed by AI. It independently scans the trading activity of many traders and then uses the information received to find the most popular and promising transactions. After that, he selects a suitable strategy to complete the auction with a good income.

Features of cooperation with TechBerry

To join the TechBerry team, you need to create an account. This is done quickly so no one will have problems performing such work. After registration, you should choose a membership plan according to your needs. The next step will be automated trading. To start it, activate the appropriate option. This trading option is initially associated with certain financial risks. However, with TechBerry, traders do not experience this problem. A function for returning lost funds is provided to increase customer confidence in the platform. It is rarely seen on Forex platforms, so TechBerry has become one of the pioneers in this business.

The desire to increase traders' comfort leads to adding various exciting options to the existing functionality. One is integrating the platform with MT4/MT5 trading terminals. This process is quite simple and requires a minimum of additional actions from users.

Reliability and security

TechBerry has never had and never will have security issues. This is achieved through the use of modern methods of account protection. They are constantly being improved, so traders can feel safe without fear of losing their invested funds or personal data.

TechBerry is also the most reliable platform. It has a good reputation earned over the years and maintained at a consistently high level. The main proof of reliability is the partnership with dozens of brokers who will never cooperate with dubious companies. In addition, TechBerry is controlled by several powerful controllers. Their reports mark this Forex platform as one of the most reliable and safe.

What is the secret of TechBerry's effectiveness?

TechBerry strives to stay ahead of the competition. To do this, it actively implements its developments and modern AI achievements into the platform. Combining these factors maximizes the effectiveness of TechBerry and quickly moves competitors away from it. Using new technologies makes it possible to improve the quality of work and reduce the number of shortcomings. Thanks to this, the decisions made (in automatic trading) often become correct, automatically increasing the trader's income.

The secret of TechBerry's effectiveness also lies in the ability to work with customers. Relations with them are built in such a way that all participants of the platform strive to help each other in various situations. This makes it possible to identify and eliminate problematic issues as soon as possible quickly.

Current membership plans

TechBerry is available to everyone. Eight favorable tariffs have been developed for the convenience of various categories of traders. Most often, customers start with a free trial subscription. It is available to everyone and is valid for two weeks. During this time, it is possible to understand the effectiveness of the platform and the need for its use. Completing the test period should be the purchase of one of the paid membership plans. Each of them is unique in its way. Therefore, it is popular with specific categories of traders.

Depending on the price of the tax, the number of available options changes. There are options with high and low annual payments among the current tariffs. The cheapest membership plan costs $9, and the most expensive cost $499. So, in two inexpensive projects, there is no possibility of online trade monitoring; in the four most high-status ones, there is a personal manager service.

TechBerry separates its rates by the size of the required deposit. To activate the most straightforward membership plan, you need at least $1,000 on your account and the most expensive one - $500,000. There are also differences in the amount of the service fee. It is 15%-50%, withheld from the profit the trader receives.


The positive aspects of the work of most competing platforms can be counted on the fingers. At the same time, TechBerry has so many of them that specialists, traders, and audit companies often focus on only the most noticeable advantages. The platform is not without drawbacks. Many customers will be invisible, so their impact on TechBerry operations is minimal.

Pros Cons
a large number of clients possibility of integration only with MT4/MT5
favorable terms of cooperation availability of requirements for clients
the legality of all conducted financial transactions
excellent attitude towards clients
high-quality work of the support service


In social trading, TechBerry has no equal. This platform offers various services and makes it possible to trade assets automatically. It uses modern developments in AI, which improve the quality of the work carried out and reduce the number of errors. All this allows you to maximize profits and get a consistently high income.

Comprehensive range of features
Flexible pricing plans
Mobile app for on-the-go trading
Quick customer support response times
Occasional delays in customer support responses

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