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Simplifi review starts with information about its developers. Quicken was founded over 30 years ago as a provider of various financial control tools. It gradually progressed and took its rightful place among competitors. Nowadays, the company continues to develop and improve its applications. Quicken has a pretty good reputation. It comprises many years of experience, a broad client base, and numerous positive reviews on various Internet resources.

Simplifi is considered to be one of the more straightforward applications. It helps to visualize all expenses and find ways to save money. In addition, Simplifi is filled with various tools to help keep track of user spending and find options for optimizing financial costs. The application can be easily opened through the web interface and downloaded to various mobile devices.

Quicken strives to find a common language with customers so that they will listen to many of their wishes. So the cost of services began to decrease gradually, which made Simplifi accessible to everyone. During the first 30 days, you can use the application and all its features for free. After that, you will have to purchase one of two tariff plans. The first one is called "Monthly" and costs $5.99. It allows you to use Simplifi without restrictions for one month. The second tariff is called "Annual." Its cost is $47.88 per year. In the case of purchasing this package of services, the user saves well and, on average, gets access to the application for $3.99 per month.

Key features

Simplifi can be called a simple and convenient application. However, to fully use it, you must perform a few mandatory steps. They will help you properly download and configure this tool and find the most effective way to use it.


  1. On the official website of the developer, find the Simplifi application.
  2. Scroll down the page and find information about available rates.
  3. Study it and choose the appropriate option.
  4. After that, click "Try for Free.»
  5. On the page that opens, enter your payment details and include information about your bank card. If this is not done, the free period will not be activated.
  6. Next, make the payment provided for by the tariff. This is another mandatory condition for giving you a free trial period. The deposited money remains in your account and will only be debited if you decide to continue using Simplifi after 30 days. Otherwise, the funds will be returned to your card or account in electronic currency.
  7. Download the appropriate version of the application and run it.
  8. There, log into your account by entering the data specified earlier.
  9. Go to the settings menu and select all the necessary options.
  10. Save the settings and start using the application.

The use of Simplifi will be simplified if you learn all the features of the application in advance. This information will be helpful even if you are already using this tool.

Important features:

Payment There are only two ways to pay for services. The first one is PayPal, and the second one is the cards of different banks. In both cases, the standard commission provided by a particular financial institution is charged. The payment option is chosen at the registration stage and ordering a trial test period.
Customer support The presence of this service is another proof of the company's serious approach to work. Support is provided by providing answers to user questions. You can submit applications via chat or in a personal conversation by phone with Quicken employees. The only downside to the support team is that it's only available 9 hours a day. At the same time, applications are accepted around the clock, but answers to them come only at the time allotted for work.
Safety The developer guarantees that all data entered by the user will not be available to fraudsters. It isn't easy to verify this assertion. However, the lack of negative feedback on this matter inspires confidence.
Application for mobile gadgets The mobile version of Simplifi is just as powerful as the web version. Both available options (for iOS and Android) show themselves equally well in operation and differ in ease of use. They are practically the same as the web version, so users will only need to adapt for a short time.
Useful options Simplifi is quite a diverse application. It offers users a vast number of valuable opportunities that can be used to improve the investment control process. These options include monitoring, spending, scheduling, charting, and more.
Bolg he developer's website has a section with a lot of informational materials. They will become helpful to each user and teach them how to manage their money correctly. Also, in the blog, you can find articles on setting up and running Simplifi. All of them are compiled by experts, so there is no doubt about their quality and reliability.
Exchanges Supported
Customer Support:

Advantages and disadvantages

Every application, regardless of purpose, has its strengths and weaknesses. The length of their lists allows you to evaluate the quality of the tool and the content - its capabilities and the most problematic points.

Pros Cons
The fame of the developer Specific problems with registration
Great experience Incompatibility with other applications
Extensive client base
Ease of use
Simple interface
Low prices
30-day trial period
High level of security
Lack of advertising
Top application for mobile devices
A lot of good reviews

Numerous Simplifi reviews help to understand all the benefits that this application brings. It is straightforward to use and convenient even for beginners. If you study all its features, you can spend a minimum of time monitoring your investments.

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