Aemulus Holdings, a Malaysian company specializing in testing equipment for semiconductors, experienced a decline in its shares on Wednesday morning following the announcement of its third consecutive quarterly loss. The company's stock slumped by as much as 8.8% and has recently dropped by 5.9% to 0.32 ringgit, resulting in a total loss of 45% over the past year.

For the fiscal third quarter, Aemulus Holdings reported a net loss of MYR6.9 million ($1.5 million). This is a significant decrease from the net profit of MYR1.7 million recorded during the same period in the previous year. The decline can be attributed to cautious capital expenditures by the company's clients, who anticipate an impending downturn in the semiconductor industry. Additionally, there has been a slowdown in customers' pace of expansion, leading to deferred deliveries. Consequently, quarterly revenue plummeted by 77% compared to the previous year, amounting to MYR3.86 million.

While Aemulus Holdings considers the quarter ending on June 30 to represent a performance trough, the company remains optimistic about a gradual recovery starting this quarter. As part of its strategy to mitigate the weaker performance in its traditional market segments, Aemulus Holdings aims to launch new products that cater to the electric-vehicle-related semiconductor and microcontroller or memory market segments. These products require minimal customization of existing offerings, as outlined in a bourse filing.

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