AerSale, a prominent aviation solutions provider, experienced a marked increase in their shares as the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) granted them a Supplemental Type Certificate for their revolutionary flight vision system, AerAware. Developed under a license with Boeing, this groundbreaking technology aims to enhance the safety and efficiency of the Boeing B737NG aircraft.

Collaboration with Universal Avionics

AerSale's certification program for AerAware benefitted greatly from their collaboration with Universal Avionics, a subsidiary of Elbit Systems. This collaboration utilized ClearVision technology and the integration of an EVS-5000 multispectral camera, thereby enabling heads-up capability to overcome challenges posed by low visibility conditions both during the day and at night.

Enhanced Safety and Operational Efficiency

The primary objective of AerAware is to minimize potential delays, diversions, and cancellations that often inconvenience both airlines and passengers. By doing so, it also reduces the need for expensive alternate transportation or hotel arrangements, as well as costly aircraft repositioning. Furthermore, the implementation of AerAware significantly decreases fuel burn since flights can avoid holding patterns while waiting for improved visibility to land.


With the FAA granting certification to AerSale's game-changing AerAware system, the aviation industry can expect a substantial improvement in flight safety and operational efficiency. By harnessing cutting-edge technology and collaboration with industry leaders, AerSale aims to shape a future where delays and inconveniences caused by poor visibility become a thing of the past.

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