Shares of Teleperformance took a hit recently as concerns emerged regarding the use of artificial intelligence in customer service. The French outsourcing company responded to these worries by downplaying the potential impact of automation on its operations.

Share Price Tumble

As of 1515 GMT, shares in the French digital business-service provider, known for its customer service offerings, experienced a 14% decline to EUR114.95. Earlier, the stock had plummeted by as much as 29%, resulting in a year-over-year loss of 53%.

Clarification from Teleperformance

In a statement released on Wednesday, Teleperformance addressed the situation, attributing the drop in share price to revelations about the increased use of automation in customer service chats, particularly in the financial sector.

According to Teleperformance, its current operations do not reflect any negative implications that might be inferred from the mentioned technological advancements. The company highlighted that artificial intelligence is already a widespread tool available to its customers and emphasized ongoing efforts to further develop this technology.

Klarna Utilizes OpenAI Assistant

Meanwhile, Swedish payments and shopping service Klarna disclosed that its customer service needs are being efficiently managed by an OpenAI-powered assistant. Since its global launch, this assistant has facilitated 2.3 million conversations in just one month, accounting for two-thirds of Klarna's customer service chats.

Furthermore, Klarna stated that this AI-powered assistant is performing equivalent work to 700 full-time positions, contributing substantially to the company's profit. It is estimated that this technology will boost Klarna's profit by approximately $40 million this year alone.

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