The National Frequency Agency, responsible for monitoring electromagnetic radiation levels in France, has issued a directive to Apple, demanding the removal of iPhone 12 from the French market. According to the agency, the iPhone 12 emits levels of electromagnetic radiation that exceed the permitted limits.

In a statement released on Tuesday, the agency urged Apple to take immediate action to address this issue for iPhones already in use. The agency will closely monitor corrective updates provided by Apple, and if they are ineffective, a recall of the sold phones will be required.

Apple, however, has challenged the findings and insists that the iPhone 12 complies with all radiation regulations. The company argues that the device has been certified by multiple international bodies and meets all global standards for radiation.

The French regulatory body, known as ANFR, conducted tests on 141 mobile phones, including the iPhone 12, to assess their levels of electromagnetic energy absorption. During these tests, it was found that the iPhone 12 exhibited an absorption rate of 5.74 watts per kilogram when held in hand or placed in a pocket. This exceeds the European Union standard of 4 watts per kilogram. However, when the radiation levels were measured with the phone stored in a jacket or bag, the iPhone 12 met the required threshold.

Apple has shared various lab results with the French agency, including tests conducted by both Apple and third-party laboratories, to demonstrate compliance with regulations.

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