Astra Space, the publicly traded space company, has recently implemented a series of workforce reductions, resulting in 70 job cuts. This brings the total reduction in their overall workforce to approximately 25% since the beginning of the quarter.

The affected employees were primarily involved in supporting Astra's launch, selling, general & administrative, and shared services functions. However, the company also made adjustments by reallocating around 50 engineering and manufacturing personnel from its Launch Services organization to its Astra Spacecraft Engines business. This move aims to provide support to the existing customer base and address the order backlog for spacecraft engines.

As a result of these workforce reductions and resource reallocations, Astra anticipates a delay in the timing of test launches and paid commercial launches.

Astra Space, headquartered in Alameda, California, has previously stated that these workforce reductions will lead to over $4 million of quarterly cost savings starting from the fourth quarter. The company expects that these savings, combined with ongoing reductions in capital expenditures and operating expenses, will help reduce cash burn over the next few quarters.

In November, Astra Space had already announced a 16% reduction in its employee count.

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