The stock prices of banks and financial institutions have experienced a notable decline as concerns grow over the rising Treasury yields. J.D. Joyce, president of Houston financial advisory Joyce Wealth Management, explains that the increase in interest rates has led to a significant discount in the value of bonds held by banks until maturity compared to their purchase prices.

While this may not pose an issue if the holdings are held until maturity, Joyce warns that if a large number of depositors request their funds sooner, banks may be compelled to sell these discounted bonds, potentially creating a significant problem.

Goldman Sachs Group's asset management division, on the other hand, is taking advantage of the surge in U.S. spending on infrastructure by accumulating $4 billion to invest in midsize infrastructure assets.

Meanwhile, despite experiencing substantial losses in its property-casualty reinsurance business, Munich Re, a leading reinsurance company, exceeded analysts' expectations in terms of third-quarter profit. As a result, Munich Re has raised its earnings target for the year.

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