The Mexican government has announced that Pemex's much-anticipated Dos Bocas refinery will not begin production until November, despite previous estimates that it would start operating in July. Speaking to reporters in his daily meeting, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador revealed that crude oil has already been loaded into the refinery and production will commence at a rate of approximately 170,000 barrels per day (b/d) "no later than November." The president also mentioned that the facility is expected to reach its full capacity by December or January.

Originally, President Lopez Obrador had projected that Dos Bocas would achieve an output level of 170,000 b/d by July and attain full capacity by the end of this year. However, as of now, the refinery has not yet produced any fuel, despite starting to load crude oil in July.

Furthermore, President Lopez Obrador shared in July that Mexico intends to reduce its fuel imports to 232,000 b/d this year. This plan was based on the assumption that Dos Bocas would contribute 128,000 b/d of fuel, with the additional support of Pemex's other six domestic refineries producing 731,000 b/d. The president also predicted that Mexico's fuel imports would decline further to 34,000 b/d next year, largely due to Dos Bocas providing 306,000 b/d of gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel.

President Lopez Obrador highlighted that once the Dos Bocas refinery is fully operational, it will be capable of meeting approximately 25% of Mexico's gasoline demand.

Editing by Jeff Barber

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