London-based delivery company, DX Group, has announced an increase in its pretax profit for the fiscal year 2023. Additionally, the company stated that its performance for the first quarter of fiscal 2024 met its expectations.

In the recently released financial report, DX Group disclosed a pretax profit of £25.4 million ($30.7 million) for the year ending July 1, up from £17.4 million in the previous year. The company's revenues also experienced growth, rising from £428.2 million to £471.2 million. Both its DX Express and DX Freight divisions contributed to this positive performance.

Despite acknowledging the current economic challenges, CEO Paul Ibbetson expressed confidence in DX Group's solid foundation and revealed that the company has already secured promising new business opportunities in the early months of the new financial year. As a result, DX Group anticipates further progress in the coming year.

Furthermore, the group proposed a final dividend of 1.0 pence per share, making the total dividend payout for the fiscal year 1.5 pence—a substantial increase compared to no dividend being paid out the previous year.

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