Focus on Colorectal Cancer and Autoimmune Diseases

IGM Biosciences, a clinical-stage biotechnology company, is undergoing a significant overhaul, including a workforce reduction of 22%. The company will concentrate its resources on two primary areas: the treatment of colorectal cancer and autoimmune diseases.

As part of its efforts in the field of autoimmune diseases, IGM plans to file an investigational new drug application for the clinical development of IGM-2644. This expansion reflects their commitment to advancing treatments for autoimmune conditions.

Strategic Shift in Clinical Development

IGM Biosciences will pause its hematologic oncology clinical development and the clinical development of its targeted cytokine product candidate. These strategic decisions align with the company's focus on oncology and immunology and inflammation product candidates under its collaboration with Sanofi.

By implementing these changes, IGM expects to extend its financial runway into the second quarter of 2026.

"Given the challenging conditions in the capital markets for our industry, we have made the strategic decision to allocate our capital resources to opportunities that we believe hold the greatest potential for significant near-term value," said Chief Executive Fred Schwarzer.

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