Insufficient Ticket Sales Cause Postponement

Live Company Group has announced the postponement of the highly anticipated KPOP LUX SBS Super Concert in London. This decision comes as a result of disappointing ticket sales for the event.

Factors Leading to the Postponement

Live-events and entertainment company, Live Company Group, cited various factors contributing to the inadequate ticket sales. Firstly, another major event was scheduled to take place in Europe during the same weekend, drawing attention away from the KPOP concert. Additionally, the company highlighted the current cost-of-living crisis and the presence of two other KPOP events in close proximity as further factors affecting ticket sales.

Commitment to Quality and Unfortunate Setback

Chairman David Ciclitira expressed regret over the postponement, emphasizing the company's dedication to delivering a high-quality show. Despite efforts to streamline the festival to a two-day format and thorough preparations, the circumstances rendered its execution impossible.

Ticket Refunds and Plans for the Future

The KPOP LUX SBS Super Concert was originally scheduled to take place at London's O2 Arena on September 22-23. Ticket holders are advised to seek a full refund from either Ticketmaster or AXS. Live Company Group expressed its optimism to reschedule and successfully host the concert in the coming year.

Suspension of Live Company's Shares

It is worth noting that Live Company's shares have been suspended since early July due to non-compliance with AIM rules. Failure to publish the company's 2022 accounts by the June 30 deadline resulted in the suspension.

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