Mattel, the renowned maker of Barbie dolls and Hot Wheels model cars, has made a bold environmental commitment. By 2030, the company plans to completely eliminate plastic from its toys and other products, superseding its previous pledge to use only recycled plastic.

Realizing that their initial commitment would merely delay the release of plastic into the environment, Mattel's Head of Sustainability, Pamela Gill-Alabaster, stated that their new plan would address the problem more effectively. They aim to reduce current production and focus on utilizing compostable natural materials such as mushroom mycelium, algae, seaweed, clays, wood cellulose, and bamboo.

To mark this significant shift, Mattel is launching a new line of EcoWarrior Barbies. This collection will celebrate environmentalists, including actress Daryl Hannah, Greta Thunberg, Julia Butterfly Hill, Phoebe Plummer, and Neimonte Nenquimo, all of whom have been appointed as sustainability ambassadors for the company.

Mattel's commitment to eliminate plastic in its products is a step forward in addressing the global issue of plastic pollution. By embracing sustainable alternatives and honoring environmental advocates, the company sets an example for responsible manufacturing and encourages others to follow suit.

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