The Port of Long Beach is considering an exciting new project that will have significant environmental impacts. The proposal involves the installation of two additional petroleum storage tankers at a terminal in Southern California. This project is being undertaken by World Oil Terminals, who have applied for a permit to construct and operate two new 25,000 bbl petroleum storage tanks.

The port has recently released its draft report, which examines the potential environmental effects of this proposed project. The tanks will feature internal floating roofs and will be equipped with new tank foundations and piping connections. These connections will allow for seamless integration with the existing facility infrastructure, including truck-loading racks and pipelines.

One of the primary goals of this project is to shift the storage of petroleum products from two existing tanks at the terminal to the two proposed tanks. By doing so, the port aims to free up the existing tanks for lease by third-party vendors. These tanks will be ideal for storing marine fuel and marine fuel blending components, which are already a part of the facility's operations.

To gather public input and address any concerns, the port has scheduled a virtual hearing on November 8, followed by an in-person hearing on November 9. The port welcomes written comments on the proposed project until December 11. Your input is invaluable in shaping the future of this project and ensuring its success.

Let's come together to support this innovative expansion project at the Port of Long Beach.

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