Strong Stock Performance

During the trading session, QSAM Biosciences' stock reached its 52-week high of $7.50, indicating a remarkable surge. The stock has also experienced a promising growth of 52% in the past 12 months, making it an appealing investment option for shareholders.

Advancements and Exclusive Collaboration

As part of the term sheet agreement, Telix Pharmaceuticals has committed to providing QSAM Biosciences with a $2 million pre-closing collaboration and option fee. This investment demonstrates Telix's dedication to supporting QSAM's research and development endeavors based on mutually agreed goals. Moreover, Telix has granted a 60-day exclusivity period to QSAM, allowing the companies to finalize their due diligence process and execute a definitive acquisition agreement.

Financial Terms

While certain material terms are still subject to diligence and definitive agreements, Telix is expected to make substantial financial commitments as part of the merger. This includes a payment of $33.1 million in Telix stock along with additional contingent clinical and commercial milestone payments totaling up to $90 million. Such a comprehensive financial structure, known as Contingent Value Rights, emphasizes Telix's confidence in the future success of this collaboration.

Contingency Plan

In the event that the acquisition does not come to fruition, Telix has ensured that the collaboration fee will be converted into company stock at a price of $6.70 per share. This contingency plan offers reassurance to both companies, ensuring a fair resolution in case of unforeseen circumstances.


The non-binding merger term sheet between QSAM Biosciences and Telix Pharmaceuticals has generated significant market interest, resulting in a remarkable 37% increase in QSAM's shares. As the due diligence process continues and a definitive acquisition agreement is pursued, the collaboration showcases Telix's financial support and belief in QSAM's potential. Both companies stand to benefit from this strategic partnership, which holds great promise for their future endeavors.

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