Shares of Safety Shot Inc. experienced a remarkable surge of 37.5% today as the hangover remedy and wellness company unveiled its new name and ticker symbol. Effective immediately, the ticker will change from "JUPW" to "SHOT." Previously known as Jupiter Wellness Inc. (JUPW), the company specialized in developing CBD-based medical therapeutics. In August, they made a significant acquisition by obtaining the operating assets of GBB Drink Lab Inc., which included the renowned blood alcohol detox drink, Safety Shot.

Upon closing the deal on August 11, Jupiter Wellness expressed their expectation of generating substantial revenue from Safety Shot in the upcoming quarters and years. Boasting the ability to reduce blood alcohol content by up to 50% within just 30 minutes, Safety Shot has gained widespread recognition. It is currently being produced nationwide in preparation for its highly anticipated product launch in the fourth quarter.

Remarkably, since August 11, the stock has surged by an impressive 74.7% through Thursday's trading session. Over the past three months alone, it has skyrocketed by an incredible 461.2%. These exceptional figures further demonstrate the market's confidence in the potential of Safety Shot Inc.

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