Social Security's COLA for 2024

Social Security's Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) for 2024 is expected to be 3.2%, which is considerably lower than the historic 8.7% increase seen in 2023 due to inflation. This means that recipients can anticipate an average increase of approximately $59 per month, according to AARP. The significant increase in 2023 was the highest seen in over 40 years amid rising inflation. Over the past two decades, the average COLA increase has been 2.6%, as reported by the nonpartisan Senior Citizens League.

The Peculiar Behavior of the Stock Market

One cannot help but notice the rather eerie trend in the stock market. Throughout history, it has been observed that Wall Street tends to generate most of its gains during the winter months, specifically from November 1 to April 30.

Retirement Bond Anxiety: Beware of Callable and Convertible Bonds and CDs

A new concern has emerged on the retirement horizon - callable and convertible bonds and CDs. With conditions indicating a potential decline in interest rates, entities that issue debt, such as corporations, have been taking preemptive measures. They have been issuing more call options than ever before, with increasingly shorter call windows, leaving retirees to grapple with uncertainty.

Opinion: The Misdirection Surrounding Social Security

Are politicians asking the right questions when it comes to Social Security? This opinion piece explores the underlying factors that may be overlooked in discussions surrounding this crucial topic.

Making Decisions about Social Security Collection

Creating a Rich Retirement Blueprint

In a captivating story, a couple embarks on a path to their richest life by selling their house and embracing the freedom of a recreational vehicle (RV). Their journey serves as an inspiration for others seeking fulfillment in retirement.

Analyzing the Insights of Stock-Market Bear Jeremy Grantham

The Forgotten Discovery of Nobel Prize-Winning Economist Claudia Goldin

Explore the groundbreaking work of Nobel Prize-winning economist Claudia Goldin, whose significant contributions to the field have unfortunately been overlooked.

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Gen Z Workers and Retirement: Embracing AI


Retirement planning has always been a crucial aspect of financial stability. However, the approach towards retirement is evolving, especially among Gen Z workers. Unlike previous generations, these young individuals are unafraid to seek guidance from artificial intelligence (AI) to secure their retirement at a relatively early age.

Research and Insight

Youngest Workers Face Retirement Obstacles

According to a recent report by PlanSponsor, the youngest workers believe they encounter the highest number of retirement obstacles. This suggests that Gen Z is highly aware of the challenges they may face and are proactively seeking solutions.

Study Reveals Eroded Retirement Savings

FedWeek's study highlights "spending spikes" as a significant cause of reduced retirement savings. Addressing these spendthrift tendencies can have a positive impact on individuals' long-term financial security.

BlackRock Warns Against Neglecting This Key Element

SmartAsset reports that neglecting a specific aspect can result in nearly $625,000 loss in retirement savings. This emphasizes the importance of considering all factors to maximize financial well-being during retirement.

Millennials Poised for Successful Retirement

Contrary to common belief, Business Insider's survey findings suggest that millennials will be better off than their parents in retirement. This is a promising sign for the future generation's financial prospects.

Challenges Faced by Older Participants

PlanSponsor reveals an emerging issue where older participants are increasingly carrying debt into retirement. This debt burden can significantly impact their post-retirement lifestyle, making financial planning even more critical.

California Introduces MMA Fighter Retirement Fund

In an effort to support professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters, California has passed a bill establishing a retirement fund. This groundbreaking legislation, covered by LA Times, aims to enhance the financial security of these athletes after they retire.


Retirement planning is undergoing a transformative phase, with Gen Z workers taking an active approach towards securing their future. By embracing AI and staying informed about potential challenges, individuals can make sound financial decisions, ensuring a comfortable retirement. As the landscape continues to evolve, it is vital for everyone to adapt and effectively navigate the complexities of retirement planning.

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