Gulf Resources has recently received notification from the government of Shouguang City in China, stating that all bromines and crude salt facilities will be temporarily closed from December 25 to February 20. As a result, Gulf Resources is anticipating a temporary halt in production during this period.

Winter Season Impact

It is important to note that the winter season typically witnesses slower bromine sales due to many customers closing their businesses for the Chinese New Year holidays. Gulf Resources acknowledges this trend and expects the closure to align with the government's ongoing efforts to combat winter air pollution and enhance the overall efficiency of brine resources.

Production Implications

Comparatively, last year Gulf Resources experienced a closure that began on December 10, 2022, and lasted until February 1, 2023. This year's shutdown translates into an additional 15 days of production in the fourth quarter and a loss of 19 days of production in the first quarter of the following year.


While the temporary closure of Gulf Resources' bromines and crude salt facilities may pose challenges for the company, it also serves as an opportunity to align with the government's initiatives on addressing air pollution during the winter season. Gulf Resources remains committed to seeking greater efficiency in utilizing brine resources, ensuring long-term sustainability and success.

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