Tyson Foods, a renowned company based in Berryville, Arkansas, is recalling approximately 30,000 pounds of breaded chicken known as "Fun Nuggets". A number of consumers have reported discovering small pieces of metal within the dinosaur-shaped patties, prompting the voluntary recall. The nuggets were manufactured on September 5 and were sold in 29-ounce bags.

Concern for Consumer Safety

Tyson Foods proactively notified the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service about the issue. The recall decision was made as a precautionary measure to ensure consumer safety. The USDA confirmed that only one incident of minor oral injury linked to the consumption of this product has been reported thus far.

Identifying the Recalled Nuggets

The recalled nuggets can be identified by the code P7211, located on the back of the packaging. Distributors in several states including Alabama, California, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, and Wisconsin received these products. These distributors subsequently supplied retailers within their respective regions.

Ensuring Consumer Safety

To protect consumers from potential harm, the USDA strongly advises individuals who have purchased these nuggets and have them stored in their freezers to either discard them immediately or return them to the place of purchase.

As always, Tyson Foods remains dedicated to delivering high-quality products and prioritizing the safety and satisfaction of their customers.

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