Unilever has announced that it will be granting a free non-exclusive license to the ice-cream industry for its patents on formulas that can withstand higher temperatures. This move aims to help reduce energy use, costs, and freezer emissions within the industry.

The Anglo-Dutch retailer has decided to offer 12 patents to the industry to reformulate ice cream products, allowing them to remain stable at a freezer temperature of minus 12 degrees Celsius. This new temperature is lower than the current industry standard of minus 18 Celsius.

Unilever hopes that by sharing these patents with other ice cream manufacturers, the industry will be able to transition towards more energy-efficient freezer cabinets worldwide.

Recent pilot projects conducted by the company have confirmed an impressive energy reduction of approximately 25% per freezer cabinet at minus 12 Celsius.

Andy Sztehlo, the Chief Research and Development Officer of Unilever's Ice Cream division, expressed his belief that their peers and partners in the ice cream sector will greatly benefit from this initiative. He hopes that through collaboration, the industry can work together to tackle emissions and make a significant environmental impact.

Retail ice cream freezers alone are responsible for 10% of Unilever's value chain greenhouse gas footprint. In light of this, Unilever is committed to achieving net zero emissions across its value chain by 2039. Additionally, they aim to halve the emissions impact of their products by 2030, as compared to levels recorded in 2010.

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