Union activism is gaining visibility, but its ability to improve worker incomes remains unsuccessful. The key to increasing worker incomes lies in gains in productivity, rather than the efforts of unions. In fact, union activism may even contribute to a decline in union membership in the future.

The Impact of a Tight Labor Market

The current tight labor market has led to a significant rise in wages, particularly for low-wage workers who are in high demand. Recognizing this, unions have been pushing for better wages and working conditions. However, when labor costs are driven up beyond productivity gains, it often leads to the substitution of nonunion labor for union labor. Additionally, there may be an increase in the use of capital (machines) in place of labor or even more offshoring.

Charles Lieberman
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Ending Fossil Fuels

The Significance of Petroleum Products

Petroleum products go beyond just being fuels. In fact, they play a crucial role in numerous aspects of our daily lives. From plastic to paint, from cosmetics to fertilizer, a wide range of products are derived from oil and gas. Even modern transportation heavily relies on fossil fuels, and this dependency is expected to persist for many years to come. Additionally, hydrocarbons serve as the primary source of electricity generation, while materials like fiberglass, rosins, metals, and glass, all produced using fossil fuels, are used in the production of wind turbines and electric vehicles. Moreover, the global food production and distribution networks heavily rely on fossil fuels. Hence, abruptly ending the use of fossil fuels would not only have severe economic repercussions but also lead to a widespread famine.

The Urgency for Fiscal Responsibility

The current approach taken by Congress to finance spending through issuing debt rather than raising taxes is a cause for concern. As the Federal Reserve and banks continue to buy this debt, new money is created, ultimately resulting in inflation. True sanity will only be restored when external circumstances force us to make necessary changes. However, this transition is likely to be painful for everyone involved.

Diving into Bitcoin Speculation

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