The United Auto Workers strike is set to expand Friday at noon Eastern time at a Ford Motor assembly plant in Chicago and a General Motors plant in Delta Township, Mich., a move that would bring the total number of striking auto workers to about 25,000.

Progress at Stellantis Facilities

UAW president Shawn Fain said in a webcast to union members Friday that he was not calling for any additional strikes at Stellantis facilities at this time because the company had "made significant progress" on some UAW demands, including cost-of-living adjustments. Fain said he was "excited about this momentum at Stellantis."

Impacted Plants

At Ford's Chicago Assembly, where employees make the Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator, the noon strike will affect about 4,600 UAW members. At GM's Lansing Delta Assembly, where employees produce the Chevy Traverse and Buick Enclave, about 2,300 members have been called to walk out, though Fain asked Lansing regional stamping employees at that plant to continue working.

Nationwide Spread

The UAW strike began two weeks ago at one GM, Stellantis, and Ford plant each, and last Friday spread to 38 GM and Stellantis parts-distribution centers across the country.

The automakers did not immediately respond to a request for comment Friday.

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