Volvo, the Swedish truck maker, announced on Thursday the launch of a new service that aims to assist haulers in locating and accessing charging stations. This innovative platform is inclusive of all truck brands and provides comprehensive information on charging stations suitable for heavy-duty vehicles, regardless of the operator. Users will also have the convenience of paying for charging through this service. Additionally, Volvo mentioned that soon users will be able to book their preferred charging time.

Initially, this service will be introduced in Sweden as the first step, with plans to expand into other markets in Europe and worldwide. By the years 2023 and 2024, Sweden is set to establish a national network of approximately 130 public fast chargers designed for heavy electric trucks. These chargers will be operated by various companies, including Volvo Trucks.

Furthermore, Volvo Trucks is actively involved in building charging infrastructure in collaboration with Milence, a joint venture formed with Daimler Truck and Traton. Through this partnership, a minimum of 1,700 green-energy charging points will be installed and operated across Europe.

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